Stihl Electric Shredder - GHE150


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Stihl Electric Shredder – GHE150

The STIHL electric shredder GHE 150 combines ease of use, performance and mobility. 

This impressive machine can shred branches cut from hedges or trees into tiny chippings in no time at all. This is made possible by the integrated sandwich-type blade unit with additional wing blades and ripping blades, which operates with minimal vibrations even when shredding branches with a diameter of up to 35 mm. 

A powerful motor delivers the constant power required for the machine to operate efficiently. 

The cloverleaf opening is recessed into the feed chute of the garden shredder. It offers advantages when feeding tree cuttings with wide branches or woody hedge cuttings. 

Thanks to its transport wheels, the electric shredder can be moved easily to a protected storage place after the work has been done. 

When you finish gardening, the STIHL GHE 150 can tidy your garden in no time at all and generate material ideal for high-quality compost.

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Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 080 × 50 × 80 cm


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