Weibang Rear Roller Mower - WB486SB V


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Weibang Rear Roller Mower – WB486SB V


The WB486SBV-R is a premium quality Rear Roller mower with an aluminum deck offering durability & resistance against corrosion.

 Powered by a Briggs & Stratton 750EXDOV engine with a quality variable speed gearbox.  

Engine       -    Briggs & Straton 161cc  750ex OHV
Fuel Tank   -    1 litre
Chassis      -    48cm Alloy
Roller         -    Split 
Drive          -    Gearbox Variable Speed Belt Drive
Catcher      -     65 Litre Capacity

Aluminium Mower Deck -:
The Weibang rear roller mowers have aluminium cutter decks which are designed to deliver the optimum airflow to deliver the best performance. The decks are designed to last due to their anti-corrosion properties and are supplied with a 25 Year warranty .

All Metal Roller -:

Exclusive roller design which produces the finest quality, striped finish to your lawn .

Exclusive Roller Design -:

The rear roller featured on the Weibang Rear Roller lawn mowers are robotically welded to ensure the highest levels of quality and consistency. The roller ratchet system offers up to 10 times more strength and durability than rival models.

Heavy Duty Gearbox -:

The Weibang Rear Roller mowers are fitted with a heavy duty aluminium variable speed gearbox which allow the user to set the drive speed to suit the conditions and optimum comfort .

Robust Build Quality & Comfortable Operation -:

The heavy duty adjustable handle brackets are designed for a long life whilst the Anti-Vibration technology and ergonomically designed premium handle provides maximum user comfort .

High Collection Performance -:

The specially designed high performance airflow mower blades fitted to the Weibang roller mower produce the optimum airflow required for both cutting and collection performance, even at the lowest cutting heights. The grass collector also features an integrated air-flow fabric enabling the collector to be filled to maximum capacity.

Strong Cables -:

The cables fitted to the roller mowers are made up of 7 twisted strands. Each one of these strands contain 7 individual lengths of steel wire for maximum strength and lifespan .

High Quality Wheels -:

The premium quality wheels are manufactured from cast aluminium with double ball bearings and feature a rubber tyre offering a high level of traction .

OEM - WB486SB    WB486SB V    WB486SBV

Additional information

Weight 52 kg
Dimensions 90 × 50 × 65 cm


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